Our Approach

Our end-to-end solutions include program design, consultative guidance, implementation, software, training, communication materials, and technical support.

We know what counts from a partner, so we make it easy for you to implement and offer an overdraft privilege program for personal and business checking accountholders in your market.

Program Design and Consultative Guidance

We begin by working with you to determine your program design and parameters. And, since no two markets are alike, we further customize each program to meet your unique goals. Monthly reporting and ongoing guidance support our continuing commitment to your success.

Implementation and Software

Our implementation process is designed to maximize efficiencies and get you to market within 8-10 weeks. From the initial implementation kick-off to remote installation of our software to your first cycle run, our experienced team makes the launch of your new program smooth and seamless.


Pinnacle’s Overdraft Privilege Training ensures that your employees understand your program’s features and operation, can fully explain the benefits of the service, and are equipped to answer accountholder questions. Our expert trainers help your employees gain this program knowledge and service skills that make your overdraft privilege program a success for your institution and your accountholders.

We offer our training in a variety of ways to meet your institution’s individual needs. Our training can be facilitated live onsite, remotely, or a combination of both. We also have a self-paced eLearning course that can be hosted and tracked on our LMS or yours. Contact us at training@pinnstrat.com to learn more.

Communication Materials

Our programs include copyrighted and compliant text for accountholder communications. Licensed use of our Bounce Protection and Member Privilege trademarks is included, giving you world-class product naming with trademark protection at no incremental cost.

Turnkey and ready now

Bounce Protection for community banks and Member Privilege for credit unions are complete customizable and turnkey solution -- so you’ll be in market in just a few months.

Experience and expertise

We have worked with over 2,000 community banks and credit unions since our inception in 1998. We understand retail banking, your business, and your challenges ... and we have the expertise to provide complete guidance and support.

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