What Counts Rewards

Debit card cash back reward programs for personal and small business accounts appeal to accountholders and increase your income.

  • Proven to attract new accountholders
  • Differentiate your institution in your market
  • Promote positive changes in consumer behavior
  • Attract and retain profitable relationships
  • Create cross-sell opportunities

Reward programs are highly effective ways to attract and retain profitable account relationships. And yet, points and miles just don’t count for much in an economic environment where cash is king.

Give people the only reward they really want — CASH.

What Counts Rewards are debit card reward programs that attract and retain personal and business accountholders because they give people what they want most – Cash. Our reward programs are customizable, turnkey, market ready, and simple to promote to your customers or members. You can choose cash back rewards, high-interest rewards, or even a combination of both — making it easy for you to offer the right product to the right consumer. Additionally, you decide the rebate amount and account qualification criteria. You can apply these programs to any existing personal or business checking account ... or you can choose to create an all-new What Counts Checking® account to add to your product portfolio.

We’ll work with you to create the reward program that best meets your business objectives. You might choose account qualification criteria that encourages mutually beneficial behaviors, such as e-statements or automatic bill pay. Or you might decide to further customize your program by addressing the specific interests, demographics, and composition of your community, such as people in the military, or teachers, or charitable giving, and so on.

Cash Reward Programs for Personal Accounts

Once we’ve established the best cash back reward program for your institution and market, we’ll work with you to ensure its successful implementation, including program design, consultative guidance, software, training, marketing, and technical support.

Cash Counts is a reward program with mass appeal. Accountholders earn cash rewards for using their debit card. Benefits to you include increased interchange income, increased use of ACH, increased debit card usage, strong account retention, and reduced statement rendering expense.

Interest Counts is a reward program that appeals to rate-sensitive accountholders, particularly in the mid and affluent markets. Savings from electronic usage and interchange income from increased debit card transactions are essentially shared with accountholders in the form of higher-than-average interest rates. Reward rates are typically capped, paid only on a portion of the balance, and paid only to accountholders who meet qualifying criteria.

Spending Counts is a reward program offering a combination of market interest and a cash rebate on monthly debit card signature transactions. You determine the qualifying criteria based on debit card transaction dollar volume.

Mobile Counts is an ideal reward program for the always-connected generation. This totally mobile checking account enables accountholders to do all of their banking easily and securely on their mobile devices. With cash rewards for debit card use, point and click deposit, mobile bill pay, and reduced overdraft fees, this account specifically targets a young, underserved market.

Reward Programs for Business Accounts

Business Counts is a reward program for business checking accountholders. Business Counts is designed to complement your small business product suite by offering cash rewards, earned by accountholders for their debit card transactions. Business owners have the opportunity to earn cash back rewards for every day business expenses and you’ll enjoy increased debit card interchange income, as well as increased account retention.

Business Spending Counts is a reward program for business checking accountholders and is a new alternative in a post Reg Q environment. It is designed to complement your small business product suite by offering interest PLUS spending rebates, earned by qualifying debit card transaction dollar volume. The key benefit for your accountholders is the ability to earn cash rebates for their day-to-day business expenses and you’ll enjoy increased interchange income and account retention.

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