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Our goal is to help you acquire and retain more account holders, increase your income and maintain your competitive edge.

Overdraft Privilege

Pinnacle’s overdraft privilege services improve operational efficiencies, enhance loyalty, preserve fee income, and comply with federal overdraft regulations. Our overdraft programs are fully automated, fully disclosed, and fully compliant. With a Pinnacle program, financial institutions can continue to provide a much wanted and needed service that is both right for your institution and right for the consumer.

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Mystery Shopping

Monitor, maintain, and identify improvements in sales and service quality that keep you competitive. Customized, behavior-specific surveys and scenarios are tailored to your requirements, training goals, and organizational objectives. Options include face-to-face, online, social media, telephone, video, and competition shops.

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Frontline Sales Training

A combination of interactive online sessions and engaging onsite training provide employees with skills for building rapport, identifying needs, and matching the right services to the right customer.

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What Counts Checking - Rewards Program

Acquire and retain more accountholders with innovative solutions that differentiate you in your marketplace and build stronger, more profitable relationships.

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Simple New Account Platform (SNAP)

Driven by an app and delivered through an iPad, tablet or even a desktop computer, SNAP enables bankers to open business and consumer accounts safely and securely from anywhere inside or outside the bank, in less than 10 minutes.

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