The Pinnacle Difference

Experience, expertise, and a singular focus on the banking industry provides the Pinnacle

Expertise in the Financial Services Industry

We cater exclusively to the financial services industry and are intrinsically aware of the importance that service quality plays in today’s highly competitive environment.

Custom Designed Surveys

Tailored specifically to your institution’s organizational objectives and training goals, our staff works closely with you in the design of a customized program.

Precise Scenario Construction

Platform and telephone scenarios include the full retail product offering of your bank or credit union. Teller scenarios consist of live transactions, giving employees the opportunity to satisfy each of your service standards and to interact with shoppers as everyday customers.

Strategic Alignment of Shopping Matrix

Shop types and frequency can vary by location, allowing you to target areas that require more attention and to focus your budget dollars accordingly.

Proven Quality Control Process

Shops are carefully reviewed for completeness, consistency, and data integrity, so your results are timely, accurate and dependable.

Account Managers

Your Pinnacle account manager administers the day-to-day operations of your program, so your employees are free to focus on other tasks.

Shopper Recruitment

To obtain varied perspectives and to effectively critique missed sales opportunities, we prefer assembling a mix of shoppers representing customers and non-customers from within your local branch communities. We can also accommodate occasions when it is preferable to utilize only customers as your shopper base.

Actionable Data

Our in-house team designs questionnaires to target your specific service measurement objectives. Management-ready reports provide straightforward analysis of your survey results at any level of detail.

Web-Based Reporting

Completed reports are promptly accessible online and can be sorted at any hierarchical level you require.

Program Evaluation + Frontline Sales Training for Optimal Results

We recommend the service types that will best address your organizational goals and yield the greatest impact within the confines of your budget. Then, as service levels, sales needs, and training programs evolve, continual assessment of your program’s development is an integral part of our ongoing service.

Oftentimes, pairing Mystery Shopping with effective Frontline Sales Training provides the holistic solution our clients need to boost sales and increase customer loyalty. Through a unique blend of mystery shopping, training, coaching, and results measurement, we ensure your service is sharp and highly effective.

Commitment to Quality

Our staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality service in the industry. Our reputation speaks for itself. We encourage you to contact our references to hear first-hand how we perform for our clients.

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