Outside Business Development

A comprehensive program that gives you the competitive edge in business banking

Get the roadmap and tools to acquire and retain profitable business accounts

Outside Business Banking is a comprehensive program customized for your institution and targeted to your unique market opportunities. It gives you the tools, training, and support to grow your account base, increase your deposits, and deepen relationships with the businesses in your communities.

  • Improves business development skills and results
  • Establishes or enhances your business banking development program
  • Builds business banking relationships that improve accountholder retention and increase average account balances
  • Promotes diversification of your portfolio by attracting and retaining accounts for businesses, business owners and their employees
  • Meets your specific market needs with a customized, turnkey program
  • Provides tools, training and materials that help you maintain your program over time

Benefits for Institutions

SMART Business Banking provides a complete program to establish or enhance your business banking and business development efforts.

SMART Business Banking helps you dominate the lucrative small and mid-sized business banking market in the communities you serve.

With SMART Business Banking your financial institution can:

  • Diversify your portfolio and grow your retail customer base by attracting and retaining accounts for businesses, business owners, and their employees
  • Increase average account balances (business accounts, even those of small businesses, carry a higher average balance than consumer accounts)
  • Meet the needs of community-based businesses that are the foundation of your local market
  • Create opportunities to provide products and services that grow with your business customers
  • Customize turnkey programs specific to your markets

Our Approach

Our consultative approach focuses on your bank's strategies and goals.

At Pinnacle we understand that time is money. That’s why we developed SMART Business Banking so it’s easy for you to implement a comprehensive program with limited impact on your resources.

Turn Key and Ready Now

Pinnacle’s SMART Business Banking program is turnkey, but it isn’t a cookie-cutter solution. We partner with you to build a local business banking solution that is customized to meet the specific needs of your institution. Our experts work with you to ensure the program supports your strategy for account growth and market penetration.


Our experts work with you and your team to understand your markets, competitors, and target industries/prospects. We review your product suite to ensure you’re equipped to address the needs of your target businesses.

We also understand that programs won’t sustain success without goals, tracking, and follow-up, so we work with you to set targets and processes for measurement and accountability.

Sales Process

The SMART Business Banking sales process provides you an organized, proven approach to getting new business. It serves as a guide and reminder of things that can be done that have been proven to enhance success.

Resource Portal - Easy Online Access to Resources

Pinnacle provides easy online access to guides, forms, resources, training and more. You establish access to information and materials on this website based on positions and roles within your institution.


We understand that time out of the office or branch can be challenging. That’s why basic knowledge and skills development for SMART Business Banking is delivered online with a series of eLearning modules so employees can access training when it works for you and them. In addition, these modules make refresher and new hire training accessible, quick and easy.

Skills Building

After your calling officers and branch managers reach a common base of knowledge through the guide and eLearning modules, our experts work with you to enhance their knowledge and skills through an intensive hands-on workshop with situational role plays that prepare them to succeed in developing new business.

Experience and Expertise

Since 1997, we have worked with over 1,000 community banks and credit unions. We understand retail banking, your business and your challenges ... and we have the expertise to provide complete guidance and support.

Support for Sustainable Success

Pinnacle is committed to our clients’ long-term success. Often when you implement a new program or process there is resistance to changing ways of doing business. Our experts provide the support you need to facilitate change and motivate success. And we provide easy access to the training, tools, information, guides, and templates that help you operate a thriving SMART Business Banking program.

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